Moving Forward – Bobcat Touchdown Club

Good Evening Bobcat Family and the North Port Community,

After announcing a few weeks ago our plans to create the official Bobcat Touchdown Club, we continue to move forward with making it a reality. Once we get through spring football we would like to start putting together the fine details.  I’d like have a meeting (or two) to discuss my ideas and hear yours.  Decisions will need to be made in many areas including Officer elections, the creation of by-laws, membership levels and pricing, and benefits of being members.  I’d love to hear from anyone and everyone who is willing to help get us going and keep us going.  If your interested in helping out getting the club started or would like to just attend  a meeting or receive updates, please use the [signup form] with your name and valid email address. I look forward to working with the entire community in setting up our club and making our football program the best it can be.

Thank You,

Pete Gales – Bobcat Football Internet Technologies