Help Wanted

Help Wanted

The coaches are busy preparing the team, the team is busy preparing for the season ahead and yet it’s not enough.  To get to Friday night, many things must happen above and beyond the coaches and players hitting the practice field.  This is where we need you! Without volunteers, coaches must spend time doing non-coaching tasks. When doing these tasks the coaches are not practicing and preparing with the team and we all know where this leads. Bobcat football is blessed to have a few great volunteers on staff but we could use more!  So what kind of tasks are we talking about? What kind of commitment are we asking for?

Some of the tasks that we need immediate help are:

  • Game day meal preparations and serving
  • Concession Stand
    • 4-6 people for every home game; JV and Varsity
      • We can divide the game day into shifts (first half, second half, etc)
    • This year we are only allowed to sell drinks, chips, and candy due to COVID; NO cooking will be involved!

Ask us how you can help further. We don’t ask for a 40 hour a week commitment as most tasks are relatively easy and with more volunteers can be accomplished quickly and efficiently.

By volunteering, you succeed, your player succeeds, the team succeeds, and the programs succeeds.

North Port Works, North Port Wins!