Bobcat News and Updates – Week 3

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Wednesday – Freshman – at home against the Lakewood Ranch Mustangs. Kick-off is at 7:00 pm.
Thursday – JV – away against the Lakewood Ranch Mustangs.  Kick-off is at 6:00 pm.  Address for the school is 5500 Lakewood Ranch Blvd, Bradenton.
Friday – Varsity – at home against the Palmetto Ridge Bears.  Kick-off is at 7:30 pm.
Parents – Concession Stand
Since the response for parents to voluntarily sign-up to help in the concession stand has been less than adequate to provide the number of people the Athletic Boosters need to run the concession stand during a game, a decision was made to schedule parents to work in the concession stand.  Please refer to the attached document as to when your time to work in the concession has been scheduled.  Your date to work is recorded using your son’s name.  If you are unable to work, then it is up to you to find an adult replacement to work for you.  Reporting time to work is 1 hour before Kick-off.  It is fully expected that all parents comply with the schedule and show up to support the Athletic Booster’s and the football program .
Parents of the following players are scheduled to work the Freshman Game on 9/10, report time is 6:00 pm:
Brody Bauer
Nick Bauer
Shaheen Belacaries
Matthew Boncz
Ryan Atwood
Brian Borrego
Tyler Bowings
Hunter Diaz
Elliot Glasper
Patrick Swales
Parents of the following players are scheduled to work the for the varsity game on 9/12, report time is 6:30 pm:
Devon Allen
Trevor Anderson
Dane Balsinger
Kyle Baker
Tyrone Barber
Liam Berry
Dillon Biczel
Kobe Black
Alan Blood
Andrew Bosma
Ryan Stahler
Kennedy Stephens