We Love Volunteers

We Love Volunteers


The coaches are busy preparing the team, the team is busy preparing for the season ahead and yet it’s not enough.  To get to friday night, many things must happen above and beyond the coaches and players hitting the practice field.  This is where we need you! Without volunteers, coaches must spend time doing non-coaching tasks. When doing these tasks the coaches are not practicing and preparing with the team and we all know where this leads. Bobcat football is blessed to have a few great volunteers on staff but we could use more!  So what kind of tasks are we talking about? What kind of commitment are we asking for?

Some of the tasks that need to be completed are:

  • Game day meal preparations
  • Fundraising
    • Planning
    • Executing
  • Donation and Advertisement Solicitation
  • Concession Stand
  • Game day ticket/gate help
  • Game day Chain Crews
  • Game day Videographers
  • Team Coordinators
  • Paperwork distribution/collection
  • Website help
    • Photography
    • Written stories
  • Game Day Attendance Support
    • Entertaining
    • Cheaper than going to the movies
    • It’s FOOTBALL!

One of the most important aspects of fielding the team is fundraising, advertisement solicitation, and donation collection.  With school budgets getting smaller and tighter, activities like football receive less and less.  Almost all expenses payed by the team come from fundraising, donations, and advertisement sales.  How much can it possibly cost, you might ask? A lot more than most beleive.  Here is a list of just some of the expenses the team and high school have to pay yearly:

  • NPHS
    • Game day transportation
    • Game officials
    • Field use and maintenance
    • Coaching salaries
    • Coaching certifications
  • Football Program
    • Equipment
      • Weight room equipment
      • Locker room equipment
      • Field / practice equipment
      • Footballs
    • Uniforms
    • Coaches Training
    • Hudl software
    • Meals

The easiest way to help is to bring ALL your friends and families to all the home games for all levels (Freshmen, JV, Varsity), spend money at our concession stands, purchase signs on the field, and give the boys cheer support.  Then, ask us how you can help further. We don’t ask for a 40 hour a week commitment as most tasks are relatively easy and with more volunteers can be accomplished quickly and efficently.

By volunteering, you succeed, your player succeeds, the team succeeds, and the programs succeeds.

Contact us with questions or how you can help by email at NPHSFB@gmail.com