Bobcat Football

Blue vs Silver Game

Blue Silver Game

The Annual Bobcat football Blue Silver game is held every spring, usually a week before the Spring Game. The Head Coach will assign two assistant coaches to act as head coaches, one for the Blue team and one for the Silver team. The coaches will then engage in a football draft, creating equal teams of Bobcat football players and coaches.

The two teams then compete in the Blue Silver game. A referee crew is brought in to officiate the game. The game is held at The Preserve at North Port High School and family members as well as the public are all invited to attend.

The concepts behind the Blue Silver game are to:

  • Give the players extra practice in a game situation
  • Prepare the team for the Spring Game
  • Allow the coaches to evaluate the players in a game atmosphere
  • Allow the Head coach to evaluate the players, coaches, and staff in a game atmosphere
  • Allow the players and coaches to familiarize themselves with rules and regulations via the Referee crew.
  • Allow the team to ask questions of the Referee crew.
  • Have fun, build team pride and spirit.
  • Act as a fundraiser for the team.