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By the numbers

Bobcat Football Calendar

'Cat Sheet

‘Cat Sheet: Week 5 – Ida Baker

Bobcats on the road Let's Get That W!! This Week... Varsity Matchup Purchase Game Tickets The Bobcats (1-3) visit the Ida Baker...
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‘Cat Sheet 2021: Week 3 – Cardinal Mooney

Cardinal Mooney Week Let's Go Bobcats! This Week... Varsity Matchup The Bobcats (1-1) host the Cardinal Mooney Cougars (2-0) When: Friday September...
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‘Cat Sheet 2021: Week 2 – Sarasota

Up Next... the Sarasota Sailors Let's Go Bobcats!! This Week... Coach Belser and the Bobcats win in week 1 for only the...
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‘Cat Sheet 2021: Week 1 – Estero

2021 Bobcat Football!!! Welcome Coach Belser! This Week... Week one starts a new era in Bobcat Football! 2011 Alumni Garon Belser returns...
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Welcome to The Preserve

The Preserve

Home of the
North Port Bobcat Football Team

  • Inaugural Season – 2001.
  • Seating bowl enlarged to it’s current size in 2005
  • Current seating Capacity – 5000 Seats
    • Metal bleacher seating
    • 3500 Home Seats
    • 1500 Visitor Seats
  • The school’s first AD Jim Clark named the stadium The Preserve during its inaugural season 2001
  • AD Rich Carney came up with the tagline “ Where the Bobcats Roam
  • The ninth lane and rubber coating added to the track in 2020

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Recent News

Incoming Freshmen 2021

Welcome Class of 2025! And, welcome to Bobcat Football! Here's what you need to know!
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Alumnus Garon Belser named Head Coach

The North Port High School Bobcat Football program is excited to announce the hiring of Alumnus Garon Belser as our...
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Spring 2021 Football Insurance

Attention all Spring Football Players!! All football 🏈 players must have medical insurance to participate. MONDAY, MAY 10th, is the LAST day to purchase Excess Football Insurance. Again, May 10th is the last day. See the Enrollment flyer below 🏈
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Alma Mater

I will always be in North Port
Where the mighty Bobcats roam
Alma Mater there is standing
She will always be my home
Through the victories and losses
Bravely standing from the start
And wherever I may wander
She is ever in my heart
Then someday when I am older
And I dream of days gone by
I will think of Alma Mater
And the friendships with a sigh
She will always be my mentor
For the trials in life I face
Alma Mater is the reason
It is North Port I embrace