General Info

The Program

“Am I a control freak? No. Do I believe in organization? You bet. In discipline? In being on time and making sure everything in the hotel is ready and right? Definitely. I don’t control players. I try to control the environment around the players so they can flourish.”

Pat Riley, LA Lakers, NY Knicks, Miami Heat

The players must feel that the program is bigger than they are. They are a part of an awesome thing, where the expectations are high. This comes from atmosphere, involvement, and communication. The team, parents, faculty, and community all have a role. They are all invested. Everything is done for the benefit of the mass. Success can only come when all are headed in the same direction.

Mission Statement

“Lend me your son for four years”

The program will develop and cultivate growth of all our student athletes academically, athletically and spiritually. The program will foster the ideals of perseverance, commitment and selflessness. This program will serve as a positive, powerful, productive force for the school’s alumni, administration, staff, student athletes and community.

Winning Attitude

Winning is an attitude. We will work to establish a desire to practice, play and prepare with winning in mind. This attitude is mandatory among players and coaches. This attitude will carry us through bad breaks; help us maintain poise in the face of adversity. Fundamentals will not be overlooked. Fundamentals are the cornerstone to any successful organization. We will do the little things well. Every team can do the big things; champions do the little things. We will be prepared for all situations. We will dominate our opponent physically. This too is attitude. Tough practices, competitive practices will breed a physical team. We will be better conditioned than our opponents. The fourth quarter is when we will win the game. We will have the ability to pursue to the ball  and keep attacking when most teams are tires. As a team, we must utilize our practice time efficiently. No part of the game is too small to practice; they all are important.

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