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Get Connected to the Bobcat Football Program

Being ‘Connected’ with the Bobcat Football program is essential for the player, the parents, and the Team. Bobcat Football provides many ways to receive information enabling you to never be under-informed. Below are a few ways to get Connected:

Email system Send us an email at and request to be added to our email list or us our Contact System via our contact page. Visit our website for all news, photos, calendar, and updates.

Subscribe to our blog using the sign up box on our home page.

Google Calendar Goggle Calendar: View our calendar at and click the Google Calendar button at the bottom of the page. By signing up for a free Google Account you can merge our calendar with yours,  access the calendar from your phone using its built-in calendar or mobile browser, and sign up to get event reminders via email or have text messages sent right to your mobile phone. You can also access the calendar directly at

NPHS on Facebook Facebook: Like our page at and get updates, news, and info delivered to your Facebook wall.

NPHS on Instagram Instagram: Like us on Instagram at

NPHS on Flickr flickr: Join us on flickr at and share your photos with us.

NPHS on Twitter Twitter: Join us at to receive our tweets

NPHS on YouTube YouTube: Check out our YouTube channel at

NPHS on YouTube RSS: Subscribe to our feed at

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